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Beast’s Biography

Real name , Emmanuel Banda  and stage name is beast which means  UN beatable or someone or something that people fear .he chose and came up with this name because of his stance and courage he has in Music industry, born and raised in Zambia in the southern part of Zambia, however, he is 18 years of age (male) the life hasn’t been easy even for him to be where he is  today  because of some challenges that he has gone through as we all know that life is about challenges also on the other hand.  Banda came to see how life is, really at the age of 7, when he was exposed to a number of things because of their living as a family. He completed grade school class at Pemba secondary school in southern province of Zambia. Hence his dream has been always to be an artist of both a musician and song writer of which he thank God even at  school journey, he was doing it as a part time thing because you can’t do two things at a time. Life continued in that manner because the most important thing in life is that, don’t forget where you come from, for you can’t know where you are going. In the family, almost everyone denied of him becoming a musician and this is because of our traditional in Africa, in Africa most of the times we don’t full fill our dreams because our parents choose what to do for us, like, just do teaching, Nursing or any other things apart from being a musician. For him, it was  an opposite story because he made sure his dream come to pass ,once you start working on your dreams, dreams pay more. When he was at school, whenever they are competitions in music he used to be there and perform some songs done by him self and most of the people including his friends used to say, you will be a big thing in Zambia. And most of the times he used to doubt himself .This life is about identifying what you can do after you done with school as you are waiting to be upgrading your studies. For him, he saw what is best for him and his one the best Zambian artist because of his gift. Download all his songs on reazedMusic.com so that you get to know him, to those who doesn’t know him, �^]B�#��믢’

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